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Chapter 3: Breath - A Bridge to the Universe

Any sudden, unexpected, unbelievable thing can create the pause for the impure. But for the pure there is no need of such things. For the pure, the pause is always there. Many times, for pure minds, breathing stops. If your mind is pure - pure means you are not desiring, hankering, seeking anything - silently pure, innocently pure, you can be sitting and suddenly your breath will stop.

Remember this: mind movement needs breath movement. Mind moving fast needs fast movement in breath. That is why when you are in anger, breath will move fast. In the sex act, the breath will move very fast. That is why in ayurveda - a system of herbal medicine in India - it is said that your life will be shortened if too much sex is allowed. Your life will he shortened, according to ayurveda, because ayurveda measures your life in breaths. If your breathing is too fast, your life will be shortened.

Modern medicine says that sex helps blood circulation, sex helps relaxation. And those who suppress their sex may get into trouble - particularly heart trouble. They are right and Ayurveda is also right, but they seem contradictory. But Ayurveda was invented five thousand years before. Every man was doing much labor: life was labor, so there was no need to relax, there was no need to create artificial devices for blood circulation.

But now, for those who are not doing much physical labor, sex is their only labor. That is why modern medicine is also right for modern man. He is not doing any physical exertion, so sex gives the exertion: the heart beats more, the blood circulates faster, the breathing becomes deep and goes to the center. So after the sex act you feel relaxed and you can fall into sleep easily. Freud says that sex is the best tranquilizer, and it is - at least for modern man.

In sex breathing will become fast; in anger breathing will become fast. In sex the mind is filled with desire, lust, impurity. When the mind is pure - no desire in the mind, no seeking, no motivation; you are not going anywhere, but just remaining here and now as an innocent pool. not even a ripple - then breathing stops automatically. There is no need for it.

On this path, the small self vanishes and you attain to the higher self, the supreme self.

I think this will do for today.