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Chapter 5: Session 5

Why do you all look so worried? I love the devils - let them work, let them create as much noise as they can. As far as I am concerned they cannot disturb me, and as far as you are concerned you are already disturbed, what more can they do? So everything is perfectly okay, it is as it should be.

I have loved Narada’s book tremendously. I have talked about it, but not in English because English is not my language, and moreover it is too scientific, mathematical, modern. I have spoken of Narada in Hindi, my mother tongue, in which I can sing more easily. It is closer to my heart.

One of my professors used to say, “You cannot love in a foreign language, and you cannot fight either.”

When it comes to fighting one wants to speak the language of the heart. When it comes to love it is the same, only more so because it needs more depth.

When I speak in English I am bound to speak it wrongly, because it is a double work. I am still speaking in Hindi and then translating it into English. A hard task. Speaking directly into English has not happened to me, thank God! Remember, God does not exist; he is only created so that we can thank someone. I hope somebody will translate what I have said about Narada.

I have spoken on many things in Hindi which I have not spoken on in English out of necessity, because it was not possible. And vice versa too: I have spoken in English about many things which were not possible to speak on in Hindi. My work has been a little strange. When all my books are translated from Hindi to English, and from English to Hindi, you will be even more bewildered than you are, more puzzled than you are - and I will have a good laugh. Whether I am in the body or not, it does not matter; I will have a good laugh, I promise it, wherever I am! I am bound to be somewhere in the cosmos. Seeing you puzzled, bewildered, shaking your heads, not being able to believe, because I have spoken in both these languages in different dimensions.. I only chose to speak in English because there is a dimension which cannot be expressed in Hindi.

The third book is Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra. Badrayana is too serious, Narada is too nonserious. Patanjali is just in the middle, exactly in the middle: neither serious nor nonserious, the very spirit of a scientist. I have spoken ten volumes on Patanjali so there is no need to say more about him. After ten volumes it will he difficult to say anything more, to add anything more to it. Only one thing, that I love the man.

Fourth: Kabir, The Songs of Kabir. Nothing like it exists in the world. Kabir is incredibly beautiful. An uneducated man, born a weaver - to whom nobody knows - his mother left him on the bank of the Ganges. He must have been an illegal child. But it is not enough to just be legal; he was certainly illegal, but he was born out of love, and love is the real law. I have also spoken much on Kabir too, so there is no need to add anything except again and again to say, “Kabir, I love you as I have never loved any man.”

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