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Chapter 24: The Key to Unawareness: Keep Thinking

I am not a saint, so you need not be worried! But saints attract idiots; perhaps there is a certain balance nature has to keep, that if there is a saint then a certain amount of idiots are needed to keep the balance. Nature believes in balance; it continuously goes on balancing everything.

This Satyasahib was an utter idiot, but he was a great friend of my father. So it is because of my father I started going there and moving around and looking in those caves. It was really a huge monastery and the man - his master - must have been of great influence.

Now there is nobody else there except Satyasahib, his successor; everybody has left. There are huge gardens, fields, and the monastery is in a very secluded spot, very green and just with the river by the side. Satyasahib’s master was buried in the campus of the monastery.

In India many religions don’t cremate their saints; everybody else is cremated. But a few religions - for example, Kabir panthis - don’t cremate their saints because their bodies have been in contact with such a great soul that they have become living memories of something so great that to destroy them is not right.

So their bodies have to be buried just as Christians and Mohammedans do: a samadhi, a grave, is made. It is not called a grave, it is called samadhi - the same word that is used for the ultimate state of consciousness. Because the man had attained samadhi, his grave is no ordinary grave; it is a symbol of samadhi, of the ultimate consciousness.

The monastery was huge and only one person was living there. And the samadhis of Kabir panthis are not completely closed; they have a sliding side so every year the body can be brought out and every year they can worship the saint again.

One of my teachers was an atheist. I said to him,

“Your atheism is perfectly good, but do you believe in ghosts or not?”

He said, “Ghosts? I don’t believe even in God, why should I believe in ghosts? They don’t exist.”

I said, “Before saying that, give me a chance to prove that they do, because I have been meeting a ghost - seeing, talking to it. And he is the ghost of such a great man, Sahibdas.”

He said, “All nonsense! You must have got the idea from that idiot, Satyasahib. He goes on talking about his guru; nobody listens but he goes on talking. And I have seen that you have been going there.”

I said, “You have rightly seen me going there but you don’t know that I have managed meetings with his master, which he himself has not been able to manage.

My teacher looked suspicious, but I sounded just the way I always sound - so certain. I said, “There is no problem, there is no need to discuss it. Discussion will come later on; first let the encounter..”

He started feeling a little fear. I said, “Don’t be afraid; I will be with you, and three or four of my friends will be there, because we have to slide the door which is heavy; then we have to pull out the body.”

He said, “All these things will have to be done?”

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