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Chapter 14: Let It Sink within Your Heart

Narda said, “You need not touch my feet - I have to touch your feet. What has happened? Within a few months you are a new man! Have you found something more than I have given to you? Because I have been using that mantra, ‘Rama, Rama.’ my whole life. And now I feel like a fool; within a few months.. You must have got something else!”

Balmik said, “My God, is it Rama? I forgot.” Repeating it continuously, if you repeat, “Rama, Rama, Rama.” and he was uneducated, a robber, murderer; he had never done any such thing “Rama” repeated continuously without any gaps, he forgot and started repeating, “Mara, Mara..” Instead of “Rama,” two “Ramas” became joined and he forgot what it was, so he started, “Mara, Mara..” Mara means dead.

Narda said, “This is another miracle! You have been repeating, ‘Mara’ which means dead; it is not the name of God. But your sincerity, your innocence, your totality has changed it. You are far away from me. Never touch my feet again!”

The lowest can change to the highest. There is no barrier, there is no wall. And nature is all that is there. So even a natural death does not transcend nature; it simply fulfills nature in its totality.

We’ve run out of questions.

You don’t have any more? Anando, some question about poor Avesh? No? Okay!