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Chapter 6: All Is

How can a Christian best understand it? What is your understanding about who Jesus was and what he advocated?

The question has many implications. First, the Christian remaining a Christian cannot understand me. His Christianity will be the barrier in the same way as Hinduism will be the barrier for a Hindu, and Buddhism will be the barrier for a Buddhist, and Islam will be the barrier for a Mohammedan.

What is Christianity? It is a certain belief system, it is not an experience. It is a kind of prejudice. You have been brought up in such a way that you are conditioned to the Christian view of life. If you want to understand me, that conditioning of Christianity will prevent you. It will go against it, because I don’t believe that there are any religions. I know that there is only one religiousness. You are coming with set formulas, a catechism, with faith, with belief - and my whole approach is scientific not superstitious.

I would like you to doubt all your beliefs, because a belief is just to cover ignorance. And I would like you not to have faith. Faith comes, you don’t have to create it. It comes the moment you realize truth, the moment you come to self-realization. Then there is a totally different quality of faith. The ordinary faith is just a solace, a consolation.

I was given a Bible in America while I was in jail. The sheriff of the jail was a very nice person and he was concerned about what I would do for twenty-four hours there, so he thought it would be good to present me with a beautiful Bible. He brought me the Bible and he said, “You will enjoy it.”

I said, “What is it?”

He said, “It is the word of God.”

I asked him, “Can you make any distinction between the word of God and the word of man? - because all these words are man’s words. You are an intelligent and very gentle fellow, and I would like to remind you that Hindus think the Vedas are the word of God, Buddhists think the same about their scriptures, Mohammedans think the Koran is the word of God.There are so many contradictory scriptures claiming to be the words of God, how do you choose which is the right one?”

He said, “I have never thought about it.”

And I said, “Do you know that five hundred pages in your Christian Bible are full of pornography? Have you read it from the first page to the last page? And don’t tell a lie because you are holding in your hand the word of God, the Bible - you are under oath.”

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