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Chapter 10: He Sings and Dances and Cries

The Baul believes in the sahaja manush, the spontaneous man. The Baul says the spontaneous man is the way to the essential man. To be spontaneous is to be on the way towards being essential. Every child is a Baul. So as I see it, in the beginning, if there was any beginning, the whole humanity must have been like Bauls: true, authentic, sincere, mad, deep in love, rejoicing - rejoicing the opportunity that God has given, rejoicing the gift.

We don’t have any claim on life. Have you ever noticed it, that we don’t have any claim? If we were not, there would be no way to be and there would be no way to appeal it. There would be no way to complain against it. If you are not, you are not. The next moment you can disappear. Life is fragile, and without any claim. We have not earned it! That is the meaning when we say it is a gift. A gift is something that you have not earned: you don’t have any claim over it. You cannot say that you have some right to get it. A gift is something that is given to you.

Life is a gift. It has been given to you for no reason at all. You cannot have earned it, because how can you earn it if you were not? Life is a gift, but we go on forgetting it, we are not even thankful. We don’t have any gratitude. We certainly complain for a thousand and one things which we may think we are missing in life, but we never feel grateful for life itself.

You may complain that your house is not good: the rains have come and it is leaking. You may complain that your salary is not enough. You may complain that you don’t have a beautiful body. You may complain that this is not happening and that is not happening - a thousand and one complaints. But have you ever seen that the whole life, the very possibility that you can be, breathe, look, see, hear, touch, love and be loved, is a gift? It has been given to you because God has so much to give, not because you have earned it.

The Baul lives in tremendous gratitude. He sings and dances - that is his prayer. He cries. He simply wonders why, for what has life been given to him, for what has he been allowed to see the rainbows in the sky, for what has he been allowed to see flowers, butterflies, people, rivers and rocks? For what? Because life is so obvious you tend to forget the tremendous gift hidden in it.

In the beginning, everybody must have been a Baul, because civilization was not there to corrupt, society was not there to destroy. Priests and churches were not there to give you a character, to give you a narrow passage. In the beginning, life must have been overflowing. Everybody must have lived out of their own beings - not because of any commandments, not because of scripture. There was no scripture and there was no commandment. Moses had not appeared yet. Everybody must have been a Baul in the beginning - and every child, when he is born, is a Baul. Watch a child to understand what this phenomenon of being a Baul is. See children delighting for nothing - just shouting out of joy, just running here and there out of overflowing energy. When you become a Baul you again become a child.

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