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Chapter 10: He Sings and Dances and Cries

To become a Baul is to become a primitive. To become a Baul is to reclaim one’s primitiveness, one’s primalness. One is reborn; it is a rebirth - the child happens again. Your body may be old, your mind may be old, but your consciousness is released from the bondage of the body and the mind. You have a past, you have many experiences, but they no longer burden you. You put them aside. You use them when needed. Otherwise, you don’t carry them continuously on your head for twenty-four hours. This is what liberation is: it does not liberate you from existence or from life or from flowers and love, it simply liberates you from your past. In fact, the more you are liberated, the more you fall in love with God. The more you are liberated, the more you become capable of rejoicing and loving.

So don’t ask me who originated Bauls. Nobody has ever originated things like that. The whole emphasis is on spontaneity. Of course, to have a theory like Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, an Einstein is needed. Without him it cannot be originated, without him it would not be in existence. A very complicated mind is needed to discover the complicated Theory of Relativity.

Bauls don’t give any theories. They simply say, “All that you need be, you are already.” It is not a question of being very clever, it is a question of just being simple. No talent is needed to become a Baul. That’s the beauty of it: no genius is needed. What genius is needed to be a child? Every child is born as a child. The sages and the fools - all are born as children. No talent is needed. Childhood is simply everybody’s nature.

To be a Baul nothing is needed. In fact, the moment you need nothing, you become a Baul. The moment you are unburdened and you don’t possess anything, any past, you are a Baul. No, things like that are never originated. Nobody creates them; they happen. They are part of nature.

The second question:

So many times I can’t understand your words because the sound of your words showers on me - your sound strikes me with energy, filling me, and as a shock, I feel in my spinal cord thrills, waves and vibrations. Should I be carefully aware for the meaning of your words?

Then there is no need to be careful about the meaning of the words; that will be a disturbance. If you feel in tune with my sound, there is the meaning. If you feel you are being showered with a new energy, if you feel thrilled, pulsating in a new way you never knew before, if you feel a sort of new dimension arising in your being because of the sound of my words - then forget all about me. Then there is no need; you have got the meaning already.

That showering is the meaning, that thrill in the spine is the meaning, that vibration that cleanses you is the meaning. Then there is no need to worry about the ordinary meaning of the words. Then you are getting a higher meaning, then you are reaching a higher altitude of meaning. Then you are really getting the content and not the container. The meaning of my words is just the container.

If this is happening to you, then my words are no longer words to you; they have become existential. Then they are alive, then they have become a transfer. Then something is transpiring between my energy and your energy. Then there is happening something like what Bauls call love.

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