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Chapter 9: Be the Formless in You

.and reverse your nature and habits. What do they mean by reversing your habits and your nature? Ordinarily man is upside-down. Non-essential things have become very important to you, and you go on losing the essential. You go on gathering seashells and colored stones, not for a single moment becoming aware that you are losing your life. That is the only precious thing.

I have heard.

Mulla Nasruddin was stabbed by burglars, but before dying he wrote a note to his wife from the hospital. The last paragraph of it read, “I have been very fortunate because only the day before I had put all my money and negotiable bonds in my safety deposit box at the bank, so that I am losing practically nothing but my life.”

But life is all. What else is there? If you lose your life and gain the whole world, what are you gaining? And if you gain your life and lose the whole world, nothing is lost. The Bauls say, “You will have to change your habits, you will almost have to reverse your nature.”

Right now you are going outward; you will have to go inward. Right now you are seeking God; you will have to allow him to seek you. Right now you are attached to material things which have no intrinsic value; you will have to attach yourself to spiritual values which are really eternally valuable. Right now you go on fighting with life, struggling. Almost everyone believes in the survival of the fittest, so one goes on fighting and fighting and fighting. The Bauls say; “Love, don’t fight. God is never known through fighting. Nothing is achieved through fighting; only love opens the door.”

Right now we go on thinking that someday in the future we are going to be happy, joyful, celebrating. Bauls say, “You are fools! If you want to be happy, nothing is lacking. Right now, this moment, dance; this moment, laugh. This moment is all there is; celebrate it.” People come to me and if I say to them, “Celebrate your life.” they say, “That’s why we have come here: to learn how to create situations in which we can celebrate.” The situation is already there: trees go on celebrating, birds go on singing. What do they have? - no bank balance, no prestige, no power. They are not presidents or prime ministers. But have you ever seen trees or birds brooding, worried, thinking of the future? No, they simply live. What has happened to man?

Bauls say, “Celebrate this moment.”

This is what Christ called conversion: a one hundred and eighty degree turn - less will not do. That’s what I call sannyas: a hundred eighty degree turn - less will not do. It is not a question of renouncing life, it is just a question of renouncing old habits. It is just a question of becoming more alert and seeing what is essential and what is not. If you go on choosing the essential, sooner or later you will reach to the essential man, what Bauls call adhar manush. And the way to reach to the essential man is to be sahaj manush, spontaneous man. Spontaneity should be the prayer, but we are so cunning and so clever.

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