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Chapter 10: He Sings and Dances and Cries

The first question:

Who has originated the Bauls? Please explain.

People like Bauls never originated. Religions like the Baul religion are more like happenings.

Who originated the roses? Who originated the songs that the birds go on singing every morning? No, we never ask that question. It has always been there.

Philosophies are originated; you can find the originator. “Isms,” dogmas, creeds are originated. The Baul is not a creed, it is a spontaneous way of life. People have always lived that way. People who have really lived have always lived that way. People who have been alive have been alive in no other way. Whether they were known as Bauls or not is immaterial. The name may have some origin somewhere, but I’m not concerned with it.

The word simply means “the madman” - madly in love with existence, madly in love with life - but this madness has always been there. And it is good that a few people have always been so mad that we have not lost contact with the roots of existence. It is because of them that we haven’t. They could sing and dance and live and love - real people, authentic to the very core.

So I don’t know when they started. They must have started from the very beginning, if there was any beginning. They must have started with the first man, because their whole teaching is about the essential man. In fact, by and by, they have disappeared. They must have been more in the beginning. By and by they have lessened. Their numbers have become less and less and less every day, because the world has become too worldly, and the world has become too cunning and clever - it does not allow the simplicity of the heart to exist. The world has become too competitive and too ambitious. It has forgotten all that is beautiful, it has forgotten all that cannot be manufactured, it has forgotten how to surrender, to allow the eternal to happen in time. It has forgotten the language of ecstasy.

The more we move back, the more and more Bauls you will find. In the beginning the whole humanity must have been like the Bauls. Even now you can watch it: every child is born as a Baul, then later on he is corrupted. Every child is again born as madly in love with life, but we cultivate him, we prune him, we don’t allow him spontaneity of being. We condition him, we give him a certain character.

The Bauls have no character. They are men of consciousness, but not of character. In fact, a man of consciousness never has a character. Character is a fixity, character is an obsession, character is an armor. You have to do only that which your character allows. Character can never be spontaneous. Character is always imposed by the past on the present. You are not free to be, you are not free to respond - you can only react.

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