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Chapter 7: The Journey Ends

Five are the tests and the ministers;
They gain shelter and respect at His door;
They decorate the king’s court.
Attention is the guru of the five.
Whatever you will say, consider well first,
For the doings of the doer are impossible to assess.
Religion upholds the earth and is born of compassion.
Establish contentment and create the balance.
Whoever understands becomes the truth
And knows the burden religion bears
There are many worlds and many more beyond them;
What power assumes their weight?
Creatures of all forms and colors are created by his writ,
But only few know the rule to tell it.
Can anyone write the account of this mystery?
If it were written how great it would be.
What strength and power! How beautiful His appearance!
How great His charity; who can conceive it?
His single word creates this vast expanse -
Infinite mountains and rivers, the animate and inanimate.
How shall I think about it?
However much I offer myself could never be enough!
Whatever pleases You, O Lord, is best for me.
You are the formless, the almighty - You who abide forever!

The world begins when the one is lost, and it is natural that the journey ends when the one is found again. And this one can be found in many ways because it had been broken in many ways. When they pass through a prism, the sun’s rays break into seven parts, the seven colors that form the spectrum; so also existence becomes fragmented.

The world is full of colors; color belongs to multiplicity. The color of God is white, the one being colorless. All sadhanas are only devices and techniques that seek out the one in the many - that reunite the fractions into the undivided, the integral. The Hindus contend that the one has broken into two: matter and spirit. If you get even a slight glimpse of the one within these two, your journey is complete.

There is another theory that the one has divided into three: truth, goodness, beauty. If you can see truth in beauty or vice-versa; if you see goodness in truth or in beauty; if you get a glimpse of the one within these three, so that all the three are lost and only the one underlying them all, Ek Omkar Satnam, remains, then your journey is over.

Nanak says the one is divided into five because of the five senses. If you seek the one within these five you shall attain, you become the siddha, the emancipated one. It is of no consequence in how many parts you divide the one, because it is already divided into infinite parts. The important thing is to discover the undivided, perfect whole within the fragments.

The senses are five, but within these five, meditation is one: to understand this is to grasp the sutra. Telling the beads in a rosary has no meaning, but if you can get at the thread that holds the beads together, then you will have taken refuge in God. Holding on to the beads is to remain in the mundane world; but to grasp the thread of the beads is to attain God.

There are five senses, but who is within these senses? When you look, who is it that sees through your eyes? When you hear, when you touch, when you smell, when you eat, who is it that experiences the perception, the experience? Nanak answers that attention lies at the center and unites it all.

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