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Chapter 15: God Seeks You

So he thought and thought and brooded and contemplated, and he wrote at least one thousand pages for and against. And then he concluded that both the sides seemed to be almost equal, and a decision was difficult. So he went to find the woman to tell her that a decision was difficult and she would have to wait a little longer, but when he went there he found that she was already married and the mother of three children. Immanuel Kant remained unmarried; such a man cannot be in love. And this is the rationalist mind, one of the keenest minds - logical, logical to the very extreme - but if you start deciding with the mind, love cannot happen.

To reason, love is blind and for the heart, reason is foolish. For the heart reason is foolish, stupid; it may be useful as far as the market is concerned, but is not useful as far as life is concerned. So those who live in reason live in the market and all that transcends the market, is greater than the market, is beyond them. They never realize it, they never have a glimpse; that rainbow never arises in their lives, it goes beyond. They live in the mundane, the trivial. No poetry ever happens to them, no singing ever descends in their hearts, no dance is possible for them - ecstasy is not for them.

So it doesn’t matter what you call it - blind faith, love or surrender - call it whatsoever you like. Remember only one thing: it should arise from your feeling, and it cannot arise from your mind. And don’t force your mind to be the leader, don’t force reason to be the leader, because through mind you may be-come more powerful but you will be less happy. Through mind you may attain much wealth but you will remain poor within. Through mind you may rule thousands of people but you will not be a master like Buddha or Jesus - inside you will remain a slave.

This has to be chosen: if you want more power, more money, more prestige, follow reason; if you want more happiness, more bliss, more silence, more peace, more God, more ecstasy, then don’t listen to reason, follow the heart. They are two different dimensions and don’t try to confuse them. Decide well, and then follow one path. Can you be satisfied just by reason? Can only logic make you happy? Logic is simply dead, dry; one cannot live by logic alone. As Jesus says one cannot live by bread alone, I say one cannot live by logic alone. But you can try, and in that effort you will lose all that is life, all that is of worth, and all that can be felt as a blessing and beatitude.

“Overpowered by senseless faith and love, listlessly I wait.” Nothing else can be done but there is no need to wait listlessly - you can wait ecstatically. This listlessness will come because reason goes on interfering. Reason goes on saying, “What foolishness are you doing? What are you doing here? Why are you waiting and wasting time?” That reason creates the listlessness, otherwise waiting can become a joy. The most joyous thing possible is waiting - hope throbbing, heart beating for the unknown, and you wait in silence with infinite patience.

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