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Chapter 4: When Death Is Taboo, Fear Uncoils

Just simply look - don’t call it fear. Become afraid and tremble - that is beautiful. Hide in a corner, go under a blanket and tremble. Do what an animal will do if he is afraid. What will a small child do if he is afraid? He will cry. Or a primitive man - what will he do? He will kneel down and pray to a god out of fear.

The primitive man’s god is more alive than a philosopher’s god, because it arises out of a deep biological need, a fear: the fear of the unknown, of the emptiness surrounding you; the fear of the vastness of it all; the fear that you are a stranger; and the fear that one day you will not be, the fear of non-being. Only primitive people know that when they are possessed by fear, their hairs will stand on end. Civilized people have completely forgotten the language; it has become simply a metaphor. We think it is just a saying, and not really true, but it actually happens.

If you allow fear to take possession of you, your hair will stand on end. Then for the first time you will know what a beautiful phenomenon fear is. In that turmoil, in that cyclone, you will come to know that there is still a point somewhere within you which is absolutely untouched. And if fear cannot touch it, then death cannot touch it. There is darkness and fear all around, with just a small center absolutely transcendental to it. Not that you try to be transcendental - you simply allow the fear to totally take possession - but suddenly you become aware of the contrast.

So if fear or anger or sadness, or anything whatsoever happens, allow it. Close the doors and be in it, relax in it. Just behave like a small child who has not been trained to label things, who simply lives feelings and has no thoughts about them.

Fear is one of the doors from where one enters into one’s being. It is one of the most repressed things. The whole of humanity, all the world over, can be divided into two types: one is sex-repressive, the other is death-repressive. Either a society suppresses death or it suppresses sex. Whenever a society expresses sex, becomes unafraid of it, untabooed, uninhibited about it, it immediately starts to suppress death - immediately, because death is the polar opposite. So if you allow sex, death has to be repressed. If you repress sex then there is no fear of death, you can allow it.

In the West, since Freud, sex has been untabooed; now death has become the taboo. And whenever death becomes the taboo, fear becomes the suppressed thing. When sex is taboo, love becomes the suppressed thing. Just like sex and death, love and fear are deeply joined.

If you move deeply in meditation, either fear or love will become the door. If death has been suppressed, then fear will be the door. If sex has been suppressed, then love will be the door. For example, in the Eastern civilization where sex has been suppressed, is still suppressed, the first thing the mind faces in meditation is love, a deep upsurge of sex energy, because whatsoever is suppressed uncoils.

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