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Chapter 14: Each Step Needs Different Kind of People

Isn’t there a conflict there?

There seems to be no conflict. Whatever she gave - the information - after my silence I have found that it is perfectly right. But what she did, she never told me: that she tried two sannyasins, forcibly cheated them, perhaps changed their blood or mixed their blood with AIDS virus. She had a assistant, Puja, who is a trained nurse and a very criminal mind, who was experimenting in Sheela’s house how to create virus, how to manage slow doses of poison that a person dies in a long time, so you can never think of him as poisoned.

So she forced two sannyasins who were not ready to do something that she wanted them to do. The whole commune was checked, and two persons were found having AIDS. And after she left they were checked again. One has died. The other has been found that he has no AIDS.

So that seems the blood was changed.

So you don’t think there’s a problem with AIDS or there’s any chance of AIDS creeping into this commune here?

No, but there are, because from other communes where they don’t have any medical facilities eight or nine sannyasins have come. So there are eight or nine sannyasins who have AIDS, and we are taking care of them.

We have made a separate faraway place for them, very beautiful scenic place, perhaps the most beautiful in the whole commune, the best houses, given them all facilities - books to read, to write, and whatever they want to do - gardening, carpentry or anything - sculpture, music. These two years are their last time. Perhaps from six months to two years they will be alive. And we can afford them their best. And this is a good chance for them to meditate.

And they’re here in Oregon?

They are here in Rajneeshpuram.

And do you expect the number to increase?

No, because I will not be accepting anybody who is not a sannyasin.