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Chapter 3: The Sword and the Lotus

Perspiration is a protection. You will die without perspiration. The function of the perspiration is to keep your inner temperature always the same. If you start getting hotter inside - and the span is very small, twelve degrees, from about ninety-eight to one hundred and ten - if there is no perspiration and there is a hot sun, how are you going to keep your temperature at ninety-eight perpetually?

The perspiration helps you. It distracts the heat from entering into your body. It distracts it in a beautiful way: it cheats and deceives the sun. It gets the rays engaged in evaporating the perspiration. So the more heat is there, the more you will perspire. The heat is taken up in evaporating that perspiration, and not letting it in. If you let in that much heat, you will burst immediately. By the time you reach one hundred and five, you will fall into a coma; by the time you reach one hundred and ten, you will become a beloved of God!

Stupid ideas! And if in heaven you are going to give people beautiful girls.. In the Mohammedan heaven even beautiful boys are available for homosexuals, because they should not be deprived. And most of the saints are homosexual, perverted; some provision has to be made for them in paradise.

The women are called hoor, and the homosexual boys - beautiful boys, they always remain young, no mustache, no beard, so the saints can exploit them for their sexuality - they are called gilme. Strange.. Here you condemn sex, and there you make available not only heterosexuality, you make available homosexuality.

And there are rivers flowing of just pure French wine. Get drunk, get drowned, swim, take a bath in it. And here? - religions condemn all pleasures. Here you have to be a self-torturer.

All religions are exploiting your tremendous greed, in the name of virtue, in the name of unselfishness.

As a fundamental principal, I want you to remember that an unconscious man cannot act without motivation, and motivation is selfishness, whatever you do.

I used to live in a city, teaching in the university, and a beautiful marble temple was being made there. For years I used to pass it on the road. Nine years I lived in that city, and the temple was just coming up, coming up, because they wanted to make something rare. Some super-rich man’s father had died and it was his memorial.

I had no idea about it, so one day I stopped my car and went inside where hundreds of marble workers were working. I asked the chief, “For what is this temple being raised?”

A man of great intelligence, he did not take me to the statue of Krishna which was placed in the middle of the temple. I was thinking he would take me to the statue, saying that the temple is being created for Krishna - but he took me behind the temple.

I said, “Where are you taking me?”

He said, “To the right place.”

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