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Chapter 12: Back to the Garden

But each child is burdened with beliefs. Parents are in such a hurry that before the child starts thinking on his own he has to be poisoned - because who knows, he may not agree with his parents, with his tradition, if he starts thinking on his own. And I can see that their concern is relevant: if a person starts thinking on his own, all traditions will disappear from the world. Once you start inquiring on your own you will accept only that which you have experienced. You will not accept anything which has simply been given to you by others, handed over to you by generations for thousands of years.

Everybody begins life from a wrong step; the very first step goes wrong. Once you accept something, then you have colored glasses on your eyes and everything looks of the same color.

These religions have certainly something to do with the unhygienic, malnourished and miserable peoples of the earth. Their basic approach is anti-life. But to teach anybody an anti-life philosophy will not be right, because even a child will start asking embarrassing questions. Why should one be anti-life? - life is so beautiful! All that is beautiful is beautiful because it is alive. And life is created by God - why should he create something which has to be discarded and renounced?

Hence, these people don’t teach anti-life attitudes directly; they go indirectly, in roundabout ways: they teach you anti-sexual attitudes. That is an indirect way to put negativity in your mind and heart against all that exists. But it is a very cunning way, because nobody can immediately see that life and sex are synonymous. Unless you are very intelligent you will not see the point that all life exists through sex, comes through sex. You are born through sex, your parents were born through sex. The whole of life is sexual.

The flowers that you think beautiful - and your poets go on praising them - are sexual expressions of the trees, that is their sexuality. Those beautiful roses are not meant for your garlands; those beautiful roses have something to do with the sexuality of the rosebush. When the cuckoo starts calling from a distant, faraway place, it sounds so beautiful, but it is not calling you, neither your poets, nor your musicians. The cuckoo is not interested in your poetry, in your music, et cetera. That call of the cuckoo is sexual. And remember, the call is coming from the male cuckoo, not from the female. Females don’t call. It is the male cuckoo who is trying to allure the female, attract the female.

Have you watched it? - a very rare phenomenon. Look around. You will always find the male more beautiful, more musical, more decorated than the female - except man. The beautiful peacock with all its rainbow-colored feathers is the male; compared to it the female looks very ordinary. All the songs are sung by male birds, not by female birds. The reason is that the female is beautiful just by being female - that’s enough. The male has to show, to manifest, to decorate.

In the ancient days this was the case with men too. You must have seen the statues of Krishna and the pictures of Krishna - you can see it. Krishna must be very ancient. His long hairs, and he is using all kinds of ornaments, his beautiful silk dress, his posture - that of a dancer - he looks very feminine.

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