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Chapter 5: Enlightenment Is Your Nature

“As a child I was given twenty-six wooden bricks, each one brightly painted with a letter of the alphabet. A patient teacher taught me to make words, tried moreover to make me see, as adults do, that the four letters b-i-r-d made a bird, that the word was the thing, the real robin, the red-breasted one, brave singer in the snow. It was only pretending. I knew even then that it was only pretending. The bricks could be scattered. Their colors were false. There was no flight and no song..”

But words become things sooner or later. The word God has become God - and you have forgotten the real God. The word love has become love - and you have forgotten the real love. The word becomes more and more important, people become hypnotized by words. Yes, it is difficult to deceive a child because he can see the pretension, but how long will he be able to see the pretension? A child is fresh - he looks at those bricks, colored bricks, and you have made a word out of them! The teacher is saying, “Now look: b-i-r-d, bird. This is the bird, the real robin.” To explain to the child, he must be saying, “The red-breasted one, brave singer in the snow.” And the child is smiling - he knows that this is just trickery. There is no robin there and the colors are false. This robin cannot sing and cannot fly and the bricks can be scattered. There is nobody behind it, it is just an empty game. But sooner or later he will also become hypnotized by words.

Language is the basic problem; that’s why there is so much misunderstanding.

If you want understanding you will have to drop language, you will have to learn how to dehypnotize yourself from words. You will have to put aside the word rose and you will have to see the red rose - there on the bush, in the wind, in the rain, in the sun. And while seeing the rose, don’t go on repeating “This is a rose” - otherwise you will carry a curtain on your ears, on your eyes, on your being. You will not be able to hear and see and feel. Don’t go on saying “This is a beautiful rose” - that beautiful is again a word - drop it. See what beauty is, don’t go on using the word beautiful. Just see, penetrate, encounter, beauty itself. The rose is there. What is the point of using the word? Put the words aside, clean the passage between you and the rose that is there. Don’t compare it with other roses that you have seen before, otherwise you say, “Yes, this is a beautiful rose. I have seen such roses before.” Or “This is more beautiful than the roses of last year.” Or “This is more beautiful, or less beautiful, than the roses of the neighbor.” Again you are getting lost in words. This rose. This robin, this red-breasted bird.

Just look and forget all language. In that forgetting of language understanding arises; one has to be non-verbal for understanding to arise. Then start communicating through silence sometimes. Holding the hand of your friend sit silently; just looking at the moon, feel the moon, both feel it silently. And see, there happens a communion - not only communication but a communion. Your hearts start beating in the same rhythm, you start feeling the same space, you start feeling the same joy, you start overlapping each other’s being. There is communion: you have said without saying anything and there will be no misunderstanding.

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