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Chapter 8: Life Is beyond Your Control

It has to be that way! The group is a nightmare because it brings all your nightmares to the surface. It has to be a nightmare. All the group leaders are there just to facilitate the process - they are just there to help you so you don’t become discouraged.

The nightmare is within you, but you are hiding it so deep that you may have even forgotten everything about it. It has been repressed, and you have created many barriers in the consciousness so that it never comes in. But in the night, sometimes in dreams when the censor is not so hard and you are not so alert, when your ordinary structure is no longer functioning and there are loopholes, it smuggles in. That’s why people have nightmares and dreams. Those nightmares are coming from their own unconscious, from their own mind. You won’t allow them in the day, so they come at night.

A group is a process in which the nightmares have to be allowed - not only allowed but helped to come while you are awake. Once a nightmare comes while you are awake, then you are finished with it. The process is hard, it is almost a torture, because it is surgical, and the operation is such that anesthesia cannot be used. It has to be done fully consciously. There are many wounds, many complex growths inside. Everybody is carrying many cancers, and they have to be brought out. One becomes afraid because the experiences are horrible.

The whole effort is to give you courage so that you can pass through it. Once you pass through it, you come to a totally new ground in your being. Nightmares will cease and will stop manipulating you from backstage.


I don’t understand what is happening lately.things are happening so fast.. I see that by letting everything happen, I become a part of the overall, the way the universe is going. And yet somehow it always manifests as concepts that I have, as good, peaceful, blissful; it seems one-sided.

Mm, it is natural.I understand.

The mind goes on labeling things, but accept that too - it is okay. The mind is addicted to labeling, so allow the old fellow to do things; just don’t be too involved in it, don’t be identified with it. The mind goes on playing around but you remain aloof.

You see a rose, and you see the mind too that is saying, “beautiful.” Don’t be worried about it. The rose is natural, and the mind that says beautiful is also natural. Accept the fact, and by and by the mind disappears, because it is pointless for it to label things if you are not there to listen - so why bother? One day suddenly you will see the rose is there and the mind is not saying anything - and that is tremendously beautiful.

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