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Chapter 3: In the Search Is the Ego

There is a place just nearby where Gautam Buddha was born.. Perhaps in the whole world that is the place where it rains the most - five hundred inches per year! In Pune it rains only seventy inches per year. Even to live in a nearby place, Khandala, is very difficult - it rains two hundred inches per year. That means for days it goes on raining, you cannot come out, for days there is no sun, for days it is just rain and rain. Just conceive, five hundred inches.. In four months there will not be a single day perhaps when it is not raining, and great floods.. The father had found a faraway place where rain was nearabout forty or fifty inches per year - just a pleasure. Gautam Buddha became tired, bored, because everything that he needed was handed over to him, even without his asking.

It is a strange situation. When you are poor you want to be rich, and when you are rich suddenly you feel that you have gained everything, but you have lost hope. Now there is nowhere to go; you have come to the last rung of the ladder. Sitting there on the last rung of the ladder you look simply foolish and nothing else.

This accounts for the differences in the religions which were born in India and the religions which were born outside India. It needs a tremendous psychological insight.. Jesus was a poor man. Moses was also not a rich man - he could have been a rich man, but he discovered that he was a Jew and he wanted to be with his own race. He renounced all his powers and went into a great revolt against the Egyptian kings. Mohammed was also a poor man. These three poor men created three religions outside India. The three religions created in India were all created by kings. Rama and Krishna are kings; Mahavira and Adinatha are kings; Gautam Buddha is a king. And you can see the difference between the religions, because of these people’s situations.

Gautam Buddha does not promise you any paradise where beautiful women will be available to you, where rivers of wine will be flowing - strange, but not inexplicable. He is fed up with women, he is fed up with wine, he is fed up with everything that money can purchase. All that he can promise to his disciples is a pure silence.

But Mohammed cannot do that, Jesus cannot do that. Jesus has to provide in his paradise all those beautiful things which poor people are missing on the earth. Mohammed provides rivers of wine, beautiful women. And you will be shocked to know, because homosexuality was very much prevalent in Saudi Arabia, in paradise beautiful boys are also provided for the sages.

Jesus provides everything that a poor man can dream of and can hope for. Mahavira provides only absolute aloneness. This will not appeal to a poor man. He is already very lonely, and you have come.and to attain to that aloneness he has to go through all these disciplines. Are you mad? He wants things - he wants beautiful women, he wants beautiful men, he wants beautiful houses - and you have come here saying, “You have to fast, you have to train yourself in yoga, you have to meditate. And finally you will get a pure nothingness.”

This can appeal only to the very rich. They are tired of things, they want just silence; they are tired of people, they want pure aloneness. The poor man is not tired.he has not even had the chance to be tired of money. He is hoping some day he will have money, have a beautiful house.

One day I was stopped on the road - I was going to the university - and a beautiful woman gave me a pamphlet. I asked, “What is it?”

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