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Chapter 9: He Died Enlightened

As you become more conscious, you can see your original face. He saw his original face yesterday. He heard the one hand clapping, he heard the soundless sound. Hence it is not a death, it is attaining life eternal. On the other hand, it can be called a total death - total death in the sense that he will not be coming anymore.


The second question:

When hearing the story over dinner of Dadu and two of his disciples, Rajjab and Sundero, I was baffled by how deeply affected they both were by the death of their master. One, Rajjab, never opened his eyes again, and the other, Sundero, died in the same bed as his master, Dadu. How can an enlightened person be so affected by the death of his master or beloved one?

It is one of the most beautiful stories. There is no parallel to it in the whole history of religion, but it has to be understood. You have misunderstood it totally; it is very easy to misunderstand it. Apparently, what you have understood is what is understood by people who read the story.

The question arises: why are two enlightened persons so much affected by the death of their master? They are not affected at all. It is not happening out of misery; it is a totally different dimension.

Rajjab never opened his eyes again. He was asked once why he had closed his eyes. He said, “Because I have seen the most beautiful thing in the world - now there is nothing else to see.”

Dadu was the most beautiful flower. Now what is the point of keeping your eyes open? For what? If you have the Kohinoor with you, you will not go on collecting pebbles on the seashore - or will you? Rajjab is not affected. It is not out of sadness that he closes his eyes; there is not a single tear in his eyes. He is not weeping, he is not crying.

With closed eyes he continued to dance and sing the songs of Dadu. But he said, “Once you have seen God in human form, then there is nothing else worth seeing. I would like the impact of my master on my eyes to be the last and the most penetrating. I would not like it to be covered by dust.”

Then the whole story takes a totally different turn. It is tremendous love. It is not an attachment to the master’s body, it is great understanding.

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