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Chapter 9: He Died Enlightened

Once you have seen a master.and Rajjab lived very, very close to Dadu. The day he became an initiate he was very small, just seven years old. He had come with his parents to participate in a religious festival; he was not even aware of Dadu. Dadu was also there at the festival. The parents had gone to pay their formal respects, because it was known in the country that Dadu was enlightened. They didn’t believe, but this country is very traditional and formal. If people hear that somebody is enlightened, whether they believe or not they at least go and touch his feet. Maybe he is, then why miss the opportunity? If he is not, you are not losing anything by touching his feet. This is cunningness, businesslike.

The parents had gone; Rajjab followed the parents. The parents touched his feet, but Rajjab was transformed. The moment he saw Dadu he recognized something from his past lives. This man was not new, this quality was not new. He had known him before. That almost always happens if you have lived with a master before - immediately a recognition.

He fell at his feet. The parents tried to persuade him to come back with them. He said, “I have found my real parents. Now you can go.” He touched the feet of his parents and said, “Just as you have touched the feet of Dadu formally, I touch your feet and say good-bye.” A seven-year-old child! Must have had a maturity of many lives behind him.

The parents cried and wept, but Rajjab said, “It is impossible. I have found the man - I cannot leave him even for a single moment.”

And from that time, for twenty years, he was in the service of the master; looking after his needs, sleeping in the same room, continuously on guard for what he needed.

And the day Dadu died Rajjab simply closed his eyes. It was closing eyes to the world. He was saying, “Now there is nothing more to see. I have seen that which is really worth seeing. Now why waste your eyes and why collect dust? Once you have mirrored God then there is nothing else - you have seen the ultimate.”

It was not out of attachment that Rajjab closed his eyes; it was out of great understanding. And he was not unhappy. He danced, he sang songs, as long as he lived - but with closed eyes, so that he could still see the master inside. Twenty years’ continuous communion with the master - the master had almost become a part of his soul. By closing his eyes he was still keeping company with the master. Don’t misunderstand him.

Rajjab is one of the most beautiful disciples ever.

And what happened to Sundero, another disciple? When Dadu died he laid himself down on the same bed and remained on the same bed; he never left the bed again. The master had slept on it his whole life; it was full of his vibe, it was full of his presence, it was soaked with him. He would not leave the bed. “Why?” people would ask him.

And Sundero would say, “There is nowhere to go. I have arrived - this is my home. This is my moksha, this is my heaven. And I would like to live in this beautiful space that the master has created in this bed, and I would like to die here.”

It is becoming so attuned with the master that you don’t feel your life and your death as separate from him; that is the meaning of it.

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