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Chapter 18: Every Desire Creates Conflict

I would not have talked about it if I had felt that it is simply a great feeling of love and trust in your heart. I am talking about it because this is the case in many hearts; they may never say anything about it, they are even ashamed to say it - ashamed that their words will fall short. You have given words to many other people’s hearts, that’s why I have taken your question; otherwise it is not a question, it is a statement. But many will feel grateful to you that you became their medium, their vehicle, their communication for what they were not able to ask, what they were not able to express.

On a track through the jungle, a missionary meets a lion. Realizing his escape is hopeless, the missionary falls on his knees and starts to pray. He is greatly comforted when he sees that the lion is on his knees beside him.

“Dear brother,” says the relieved missionary, “how nice it is of you to join me in prayer when a moment ago I feared for my life.”

“Don’t interrupt,” growled the lion, “I am saying grace.”

Everybody looks at existence, at others, according to his own state of being. You cannot see anything beyond yourself. Remember it as a basic principle. If you can see a certain grace in me, that means you have become capable of understanding the language of grace; perhaps as a novice, just a beginner, perhaps only the abc of grace, but the journey has started. And the real thing is the start of the journey. Once it starts it will reach to its destiny, there is no way to go astray. Life immediately takes every precaution and every care of all those who trust in it.

My whole teaching is: don’t believe in doctrines, trust in existence. Don’t believe in churches, trust in the stars. Don’t believe in priests, trust in the sun, in the moon, in the wind, in the mountains, in the deserts. Why make your being so small that your whole religion is confined in a book, that your whole religion is confined in a church, in a statue?

Existence is so infinite, so vast, so immense that unless you spread your heart and being into this infinity with absolute trust, you are not an authentic, religious person. You are not a rebel.

Here we can only begin your journey and encourage you to go on and on to the ultimate destiny. We cannot confine you. My whole effort is to withdraw all limitations from you, all boundaries from you. With a heart without limits, your love will flow to the whole existence; and it will not only beautify your master, it will beautify the whole reality that surrounds you. It will make every tree and every star enlightened to you. You will live in an enlightened world. That’s what it means to be in the temple, to be in a sacred world.

But if you can learn your abc from me, that’s enough; xyz will be coming in their own right time, when the spring comes; and it necessarily comes, it has always been coming, it has never deceived. It can be trusted, without any doubt, and the moment it comes you will blossom, you will flare up.

And to be awake in a universe which is enlightened, beautiful, graceful, showering blessings over you, is the path of the authentic rebel and the authentic, religious seeker.