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Chapter 2: Sowing the Seed

The cause of attraction is transience. Anything which disappears quickly seems precious. The stone is not as precious as the flower because the flower blossoms in the morning and withers away by the evening. So you had better have a good look at its beauty and satisfy your eyes, because anything which has blossomed has already started withering. It will not take a long time to do so. The sun is already in the middle of the sky. The flower has started withering, half of its life has passed away. That is why there is so much attraction in beauty. If beauty could remain for ever then nobody would have bothered about it.

Another interesting point is that ugliness is more permanent than beauty. An ugly person remains ugly all his life, but a beautiful person doesn’t remain beautiful all his life. He is beautiful for some time - during youth - and after that he withers away. Have you noticed that if a person is very beautiful, he withers away quickly? The more delicate the flower is, the more quickly it withers away.

The mind goes on saying: “Hurry up, don’t waste time sitting and chanting in the temples. This can be done later on. Enjoy now as much as possible. Not only is the other changing, your capacity to enjoy is also becoming weaker day by day.”

Certainly transience is the cause of attraction. If things were permanent then nobody would have worried about them. Perhaps that is why you are not worried about the inner world - it is eternal, so there is no hurry. It is not going to be lost, so we can easily go on postponing till tomorrow. If not in this birth then in the next one, and if not in the next one then still farther on. Whenever you will go the divine will be at home. The mind says, “But these transient flowers of life, the beauty of the eyes, the rosiness of the cheeks, this youth and your capacity to enjoy - all of them are withering away and weakening. So don’t delay, enjoy them,” the mind says to you.

Certainly this transience is the cause of attraction. There is no attraction for anything which is eternal. How can there be attraction in what always is and always will be? Dreams always seem beautiful - they are finished as soon as the eyes open.

Religion is not trying to create a feeling of indifference or nonattachment in you by saying that life is transient. By calling it transient, it is trying to point out to you the question: What will you do after that moment? After dancing for a moment you will cry. Life is transient; you will enjoy it for a moment, but you will repent it afterwards. You will be finished in this useless chase.

Just as children chase butterflies, you are running after small enjoyments which will tire you thoroughly, and one day you will fall down and die. Actually, you gained nothing by running after the transient, you have only wasted your time, because all the transient things wither away even before you get them, flowers are dead as soon as they are in your hands. By the time you bring it home, happiness turns into anguish.

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