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Chapter 38: A Heart Aflame, a Soul Enchanted

There are experiences which remain experiences and never become expressions; and there is no need that they become expressions. But there is a deep longing in the heart of man to share - and it is a great quality, a spiritual phenomenon, the urge to share. The tree shares in its own way by bringing flowers and fruits, the poet shares in his own way by bringing poems, the musician shares in his own way by creating music, but they are all trying to share something which is inexpressible.

Kahlil Gibran is right. He says, “Where are you going to seek it?” It has no address, no residence. And how are you going to find it? - because you don’t know the definition. Even if you come across it, you will not be able to recognize it.

For example, you come across God on the road. Even if he says, “Good morning sir,” you are not going to recognize him. You may even feel annoyed that a stranger. What does he think of himself? Why is he disturbing me? I am meditating on God, and this fellow comes here and says, “Good morning sir!” How are you going to recognize God, unless you have already known him?

Recognition means realization has happened before it. It is a very significant statement that unless beauty becomes your way and your guide, you will never find what it is.

So don’t be bothered philosophically about what beauty is. Live beautifully, walk on the path of beauty. Watch all around - there is nothing but beauty. From the smallest firefly to the biggest star, it is nothing but beauty. Rather than wasting your time in finding the definition, allow beauty to overwhelm you - be possessed by it. You can become the definition of beauty, but you cannot define it.

If you ask me, “What is beauty?” I will say, “Look into my eyes, it is there - I know it. Listen to my silence - it is there. I have heard it; I have heard its footsteps.” I can be the truth, I can be the beauty, I can be the good, but I cannot define them. I am not separate - that’s why I cannot define them.

How can the light define itself? Just its presence and the darkness disappears, is the definition. The definition is not going to be in words; the definition is going to be in your presence - not what you say, but what you are. Be more sensitive.

Our sensitivity has been dulled. Our parents have been afraid, our forefathers have been afraid, because to be sensitive is to walk on a razor’s edge. If you are sensitive to beauty, then it cannot be confined only to your wife or only to your husband. Beauty is all over the place. And your parents, everybody’s parents, have been afraid.

Your sensitivity had to be dulled, destroyed, so that you would become confined to a small prison; otherwise, it would have been impossible to impose monogamy on humanity. One day you find a woman who suddenly possesses you; you find a man, and suddenly you are overwhelmed - and you forget completely that there is a husband who is waiting for you. Beauty has no awareness of marriages, of husbands, of wives; it knows no limitations.

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