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Chapter 1: Throw the Bucket and Draw the Water

It all depends on you.

If you see the beautiful in me, something beautiful has arisen in you.

Two men were riding on a train for the first time in their lives. One of them had a bunch of bananas. He offered one to his friend and began to peel one for himself. Just then the train entered a tunnel.

“Have you tasted your banana yet?” asked the first man, very alarmed.

“No, I haven’t,” replied his friend.

“Well, for heaven’s sake, don’t,” said the first man, “I took one bite and went blind.”

We are very much enclosed in our own psychology, and we project that psychology all around.

A man of silence finds this whole world is full of silence. Even the sounds only deepen the silence. And a man full of noise never becomes aware of the immense silences in the night. It all depends on you. Your world is nothing but you, projected.

It is a good indication that you feel beauty in me - don’t stop there. It is not an objective experience, something beautiful is growing in you. Notice it, and a day will come you will see everybody beautiful around you, everything beautiful around you.

Only be satisfied when you cannot find anything which is not beautiful. When you have become capable of looking at the beauty of everything that exists and lives, you have reached to a flowering of your own being.

Your question can be looked at very easily from a different point. You say, “Each time I see you, I am shocked by your beauty. You’ve got to be the most gorgeous being that has ever happened! Osho, in what way do you experience your own beauty?”

There are people who see me as the antichrist. The American government, in conspiracy with fundamentalist Christians, destroyed the commune in America. And now they have raised a memorial in Wasco County where the commune was - a marble memorial, a memorial saying that they succeeded in getting rid of the antichrist.

It all depends on you what you see.

It always refers to you.

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