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Chapter 8: Cut the Root

The moon creates a sort of lunacy, a sort of madness, neurosis. It may be concerned with the water in your body, just as the moon affects the sea, and tides come. Your body is sixty percent seawater. If you ask the physiologists they will say that something must be happening in the body because of the moon, because your body remains a part of the sea. Man has come from the sea to the land; basically life was born in the sea. When the whole of the sea is affected - of course, the moon affects all sea animals; they are part of the sea, and man has also come from the sea. He has traveled very, very far, but it makes no difference; the body still reacts in the same way. And sixty percent of your body is water, and not only water, seawater, with the same chemicals, same saltiness.

In the womb the child swims for nine months, floats in seawater; the mother’s womb is filled with seawater. That’s why when women are pregnant they start using, eating, more salt. More salt is needed for their body to keep the same balance of saltiness. And the child passes through all the phases human evolution has passed. In the beginning he is just like a fish, moves into the ocean of the mother’s womb, floats. By and by, in nine months he passes millions of years. Physiologists have come to realize that he passes through all the stages of life in nine months.

It may be, that the moon affects you, but there is nothing like beauty - it is a chemical phenomenon.

You feel that certain eyes are very beautiful. What is happening? Those eyes must have a quality, a chemical quality, an electric quality in them, they must be releasing some energy: you become affected by them. You say some eyes are hypnotic, like Adolf Hitler’s eyes. Just the moment he looks at you something happens in you. You say eyes are very beautiful. What do you mean by beauty? You mean that you are affected.

In fact, when you say something is beautiful you are not saying that something is beautiful; you are saying that you are affected in a nice way, that’s all. When you say something is ugly, you are saying that you are affected in an antagonistic way. You are repelled or you are attracted. When you are attracted it is beauty, when you are repelled it is ugly. But it is you, not the object, because the same object can attract somebody else.

It happens every day - people are always amazed about other people. They say, “That man has fallen in love with that woman - amazing!” Nobody can believe that this can happen; the woman is ugly. But to that man, the woman is the very incarnation of beauty. What to do? There can be no objective criterion; there is none.

Tantra says: remember, whenever you choose something, whenever you decide for this or against this, it is your mind playing tricks. Don’t say the thing is beautiful; just simply say, “I am affected in a nice way,” but the base remains I. If you once transfer the whole phenomenon onto the object, then it can never be solved because from the first step you missed, you missed the root. The root is you, so if you are affected it means your mind is affected in a certain way. And then that affection, that affectedness creates the trap and you start moving.

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