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Chapter 8: Be True to Love

The first question:

I am a frog. I know I’m a frog because I like swimming in murky dark green water and hopping about in slimy mud. And what is honey anyway? If a frog can be in an unpatterned state of being, will it become a bee?

Certainly! To be a bee is everybody’s possibility; everybody can grow into being a bee. An unpatterned, alive, spontaneous life, moment-to-moment life, is the gate to it, the key to it. If one can live not out of the past then one is a bee, and then there is honey all around.

I know it is difficult to explain this to a frog. The question is right: “What is honey anyway?” The frog has never known about it. And he lives just at the root of the plant where flowers bloom and bees collect honey, but he has not moved in that dimension.

By “frog” Saraha means a person who lives out of the past, encaged in the past, in the memories. When you live through the past you only apparently live, you don’t really live. When you live through the past, you live like a mechanism, not like a man. When you live through the past, it is a repetition, it is a monotonous repetition; you miss the delight, the joy of life and existence. That’s what honey is: the joy of life, the sweetness of just being herenow, the sweetness of just being able to be. That joy is honey.and there are millions of flowers blooming all around, the whole existence is full of flowers.

If you know how to collect honey, if you know how to be joyful, you become an emperor; if you don’t know, you remain a beggar. These birds singing here.honey is showering! The bee will collect, the frog will miss. This sky, this sun, these people around you.everybody is carrying infinite sources of honey, everybody is flowing with sweetness and love. If you know how to collect it and how to taste it, it is all over the place - God is all over the place. The taste of God is what Saraha calls honey.

The bee has a few things.and those have to be understood, and they are very dangerous things. One: the bee is never attached to any flower. That is the most profound secret: the bee is not attached to any flower. It has no nuclear family, no wife, no husband. It simply moves wherever any flower invites it. It has freedom.

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