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Chapter 28: Unless Your Feet Are Holy.

It seems so impossible: so many countries have said “No” to you in the West. But even if the so-called democracies accepted you, what can be done about Russia and the other communist nations? Unless there is a great awakening there, it looks like the world is doomed.

It is true that so many so-called democratic countries are not courageous enough even to give me a tourist visa. It is a great compliment. They have never given such a compliment to any other man in the whole of history.

Their religion is twenty centuries old, so is their morality, so is their tradition; and they are afraid of a man who has no power, and who is coming just like a tourist - only for three weeks. Their paranoia is apparent.

It seems they have made castles in the air. Even my presence will be enough to destroy those castles; otherwise, it is impossible - a tourist for three weeks cannot destroy a tradition which has been there for two thousand years, a morality they have been conditioning the people in for two thousand years. They have accepted defeat, and they have also shown that they are not democratic. They don’t value freedom of speech, respect for the individual. They don’t have any value that can be called “democratic.” They have simply shown their cowardice.

But I am never pessimistic. One country or other is going to dare to show courage in spite of all the pressures, and once one democratic country allows me in - I am not much worried about the Soviet Union and other communist countries, for the simple reason that if I can raise the level of consciousness of any single, non-communist country, the Soviet Union is going to invite me and my people.

It is sheer competition. It is not only a question of them having more nuclear weapons, it is also a question of them having a more solid, integrated individual. If any democratic country dares to let me work on its people, that will be enough to show to the Soviet countries that if these people are ready to drop two-thousand-year-old superstitions, it is not difficult for the Soviet Union. Its superstitions are not even two centuries old.

If they can see it as a fact - today what they see in democratic countries is only fiction.talking about God, talking about the soul, but there is no evidence.

I can produce as proof people so significantly different from ordinary people that the Soviet Union cannot lag behind; otherwise, even with all the nuclear weapons it will be defeated.

The question is to make religion a fact.

I started criticizing the Bible on many points; and now Christian theologians are having a conference in Europe - late, but it is better than never. Still cunning, still not mentioning my name, that I was the man who criticized all those things in the Bible - now they themselves are discussing how to save the holiness of the Bible and how to interpret the ugly facts that are there. At least they have come to the recognition that there are ugly facts. So either they have to be dropped or interpreted in such a way that the common masses can be befooled a little more.

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