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Chapter 5: Character Kills

Wait. Wait as you wait for your beloved - and death comes dancing! There is nothing like it. No longer can you conceive of anything that can transcend the beauty of it. Death becomes the beloved. Then death’s garb is no longer there. God is revealed.

This has to be done every moment, because every moment death knocks at your door. Every moment when you exhale, death knocks. Exhalation is death; inhalation is life. The first thing a child has to do is to inhale, and the last thing the old man, dying, will do will be to exhale: with exhalation, death; with inhalation, life.

And this is happening every moment. Whenever you inhale, you are becoming again alive, whenever you exhale, again death. Death, life, death, life.. That’s how you move. They are two wings or two legs; two aspects of you. If you really die with each exhalation - if you relax and you surrender - then with each inhalation you will revive. And you will feel such freshness that even the dew in the morning will be jealous! You will feel freshness such as the stars in the night feel.

This is eternal life. One who has learned the secret of how to die moment to moment has learned the secret of how to live eternally. Now death is impossible. Death is possible only if you resist it. It is in your resistance that death exists. Resistance is ego. Death exists because of the ego. If you surrender, death disappears. Surrender is the key.

Jesus says:

“And whosoever
doth not bear his cross,
and come after me,
cannot be my disciple.”

Not only does the father have to be denied, and the mother, and the sister and the brothers, but you have to deny your life also. Your life has to be denied so that God can live within you and through you. Both cannot live together within you.

Remember: either you or God. You would like to give him a small room somewhere in your house, a small temple in a far corner of the house. You would like him to live there - but that is not his way. He wants the whole house or nothing. Don’t try this trick.

I was staying with a friend. In the morning I saw him going to the garage. I asked him, “Where are you going?”

He said, “We have made a temple in the garage.”

They live in a palace and their god lives in the garage! Whom do you think you are befooling? And he was very happy. He thinks he is a very religious man - and the god lives in the garage! He’s not even a welcomed guest.