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Chapter 4: God Is Day and Night

If you make a circle, the end and beginning meet - only then is the circle complete. If you become a circle, whole, total, in you will meet the beginning and the end. You will be the very source of the world and you will be the very climax of the world. You will be both the alpha and the omega. And unless you become that, something is incomplete; and when something is incomplete you will remain miserable. The only misery that I know is being incomplete. The whole being tends to be complete, needs to be complete, and the incomplete becomes a torture. The incompletion is the only problem. And when you become complete, the end and the beginning meet in you. God as the source and God as the ultimate flowering meet in you.

Ponder over these small fragments. Each fragment can become a vast contemplation, and each fragment can give you an insight into yourself and into the reality. And these are not philosophical statements, these are Heraclitus’ insights - he knows, he has come to see. He is not theorizing; he has touched the reality, penetrated into it. And each fragment is complete in itself, it is not a system. These fragments are like gems, individually cut; every gem is complete in itself. You simply penetrate one fragment, and through that one fragment you can become totally different - that one fragment can become the door for the infinite.

Meditate, ponder over Heraclitus, what he is saying. He can have a tremendous impact on you. He can become a transformation for you.

Enough for today.