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Chapter 7: Meditation and the Inner Eye

The first question:

In the morning you said that the Brahman is not to be found through the worshipped, but in the worshipper himself. But the sadgurus - the spiritual masters - have always been worshipped by their disciples as God. Please explain the significance of this.

The masters have been worshipped as God, but this is only the beginning, not the end. The master is really a master if he makes his disciples ultimately free from all worship. But in the beginning it will not be so because in the beginning the relationship between the master and disciple is a love relationship, it is passionate. And whenever you are in love, the other appears to be divine.

Even in ordinary love the beloved appears to be divine. And the relationship between a disciple and a master is a very deep love relationship. Really, you fall in love with the master, and nothing is wrong in that. And when you fall in love with the master you start worshipping. But the master takes it only as a game. If he is also interested in it and takes it seriously or significantly, then he is not a master at all. To him it is just a game - but a good game, because it can help the disciple.

How will it help the disciple? The more the disciple worships the master, the nearer he will come to him, the more intimate he will become, the more he will be surrendered, receptive, passive. And the more he is passive, receptive, surrendered, the more he can understand what the master is trying to do. And when the intimacy comes to the last point, when only an inch separates, when just a minute separation remains, when the intimacy has become so deep that now the master can lead the disciple toward himself, then the master can help the disciple to become free from him.

In the beginning it is impossible. You will not understand if the master starts trying to free you from himself - you will not be able to understand. In the beginning you need someone to lean upon, in the beginning you need someone to depend upon; in the beginning you need someone to whom you can be a total slave. This is an inner need. And you cannot be made a master from the very beginning; the beginning will be a sort of spiritual dependence.

But if the master also feels satisfied that you are depending on him, then he is not a master. He is harmful, he is dangerous; he doesn’t know anything at all. If he also feels gratified, then this dependence is mutual. You depend on him, he depends on you. And if the master depends on you in any way, he cannot be of any help. But if he rejects you from the very beginning there will be no intimacy. If there is no intimacy, the final step cannot be taken.

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