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Chapter 6: The New Sannyasin

In the beginning it will cause problems - for one or two days, it will cause problems. Go and ask them beforehand; tell them, “I am going to do this for one hour. Please excuse me for one hour.” Tell them first, before they ask what you are doing. And because this experiment is altogether new, it will take a little time.

Now if someone starts singing devotional songs loudly in the neighborhood, no one feels any difficulty. If someone starts saying “Rama, Rama, Rama” loudly, everyone thinks he is meditating. In a year or two, thousands of people will be doing this meditation throughout the world and people will understand that they are meditating. In the beginning - for those who are doing it now - there will be a little difficulty.

In the beginning there is always a little difficulty in doing something, but that is only a matter of a day or two. Even now, thousands of people have started doing it in this country. The people around you will become curious for a day or two, but then they will forget. And they will also see the changes in your being that will begin to take place within three weeks - they will not just see your crying and shouting.

And if you do the experiment totally, your neighbors will not be able to escape from it for very long; it will start to have a grip on them too. So don’t be unduly worried about your crying and shouting. Rather, it will be helpful. When neighbors come to ask, explain the whole meditation to them and tell them that they can also come to participate the next day.

One more question is being asked daily, and I would like to say something about it. Quite recently, in the Manali Camp, twenty people entered into a new kind of sannyas. Now every day the question is being asked:

What is this sannyas?

A few things in brief. Firstly, in the future there is no possibility of the survival of sannyas as it was in the world until now - it will not be able to survive. In Russia today, it is not possible to be a sannyasin; in China now it is not possible to be a sannyasin. And wherever socialism is influential, sannyas will become impossible. Wherever the idea arises that anyone who does not do regular work has no right to eat, sannyas will become difficult.

In the coming fifty years, many traditions of sannyas will simply disappear from the world. In China there was a great Buddhist tradition of sannyas; it simply disappeared. Lamas are disappearing from Tibet, they cannot survive. In Russia also, there was a very old tradition of Christian mystics; it is destroyed. Sannyas will have difficulty surviving anywhere in the world. My own understanding is that a precious flower like sannyas should not be destroyed. The institution of sannyas may disappear, but sannyas itself should not disappear.

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