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Chapter 4: To Return to the Root

And this sutra of Sosan says: To return to the root is to find the meaning - not in the future, not in desire and destination, not somewhere else, but to the root. Not in the end but in the beginning.

Try to understand. Many things have to be understood. First, if there is any meaning it must be in the seed - maybe hidden, not visible, but it must be in the seed, because nothing can come which is not in the seed. Nothing can come out of emptiness.

Even if there is a destination it must be hidden in the seed, just like a flower hidden in the seed - the flower is the meaning of the tree. When it flowers it is ecstatic, when it blooms it sings and dances. It has attained, it is happy, it is delighted, it is not lacking anything anymore. The flower is just a delight, the dance of the tree: “I have attained!”

But those flowers must have been somewhere in the seed, otherwise how can they happen? The end must be in the beginning; the omega must be hidden in the alpha. Jesus says, “I am the beginning and the end. I am the alpha and the omega.”

The beginning is the end, because the end may not be revealed right now but it must be there. And when it is in the seed, you need not wait for the future to come, for the flower to happen. You can penetrate the beginning right now, because here it is. The seed, remember, is not in the past. The seed is always here and now in the present, because the whole past is in the present.

Of course, the whole future is also in the present, but the future has not happened and the past has happened already, the beginning has happened already. Penetrate the beginning, move to the roots and to the source, and the meaning will be revealed.

And you carry the seed right now within you - the seed of all meaning, of all possibilities, of all doors that can open and all mysteries that can happen. You carry the seed! But if you wait for the future then it may not ever come, because the future is infinite and waiting will be losing life, time and energy.

And if waiting becomes a habit the flower may flower and you may not be able to see. Because you have become accustomed to looking to the future, your eyes have become fixed. They cannot look at the near and the close, they can always look to the far and distant.

If for many lives you have been looking in the future for the meaning, and the flower flowers, you will not be able to see it - because seeing does not depend on the flower, the seeing depends on your penetrating eyes. And you don’t have any penetrating eyes. Otherwise, the beginning is always there, the seed is always there; you could have looked into it.

If you look to the future and wait for the meaning to be revealed somewhere, then sooner or later you will feel life is meaningless. That is what is happening in the West, because philosophy was continuously thinking that the goal is somewhere in the future.

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