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Chapter 1: Surrender Is Just a Beginning

Mm. Every day you will feel it more and more, because it is a journey that starts but never ends. When you say you are surrendered to me it is just a beginning. And it is always a beginning, because more and more is possible. So, infinitely more is possible - more than you can conceive. Every time you come you will feel more and more surrendered. The more you surrender, the more you will feel capable of surrendering.

One learns through doing - there is no other way. You go to the river and start to learn swimming. The more you swim, the more you know. Surrender is moving into the depth of consciousness, it is a swimming. The more you do, the more you know. The more you know, the more adventures will open to you, and the more challenges there will be. And I will be giving more and more challenges to you.

Do you want me to go home at the end of these three months?

I want you to go home. I would like a few people to continuously come and go. Whenever you feel a little tired, come back. Whenever you feel you will need a little nourishment, come back. Whenever you feel you have been missing me, come back, feed on me and go back.


The assistant leader says the group was better, that it had more intensity, more drive, than the previous one.

Work as if you are almost mad. As I feel it, you still hold much, you don’t go into it totally, and you remain on the periphery. You always keep a space where you can withdraw if things become too much. Whenever you move, always break the bridges that you have crossed so there is no possibility of moving back. When you have reached a height, throw the ladder. So either you have to go ahead or you have to die, but you cannot go back Never create the situation that whenever you want, you can withdraw within yourself. No, then you will not become a real leader - and I would like you to become one.

To be an assistant is one thing, because you work like a shadow and the responsibility is not on you. But once you become a leader, the whole responsibility is on you - and then just half-half won’t help. Explode, and explode one hundred percent. Just by your explosion people will be helped. When a group sees that you are halfhearted, they will not even be halfhearted. They will only be twenty-five percent if you are fifty percent. The group will go only half the limit that the leader goes. You have to boil one hundred percent so you start evaporating. Only then will they have courage to move with you.

The whole point of all therapies, of all group processes, is to create a situation where people can dare - that’s all. How you create that is irrelevant. You give them an impetus and a challenge. You open an abyss before them, and you tempt them to jump. The group is needed because when they are alone they will never dare, they will be much too afraid.

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