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Chapter 38: The Authentic Word

The insight deepens from word to sound to silence, but I do not agree with any of the statements, because there has never been any beginning. The very idea of beginning is false.

If I was to write, I would write, “In the end there is the word, then sound, then silence - if there is an end.” Of course if there is no beginning, there cannot be any end. But to individual thinkers, to individual enlightened beings, there is a beginning and there is an end as far as others are concerned. To the enlightened person himself, there is only beginning and no end. And in the beginning is silence.

Perhaps the Upanishads are too much influenced by the enlightened experience. There is a beginning when your mind disappears, leaving space for eternal silence, but there is no end for your self. Of course you will die as far as others are concerned: you will live as far as you are concerned. Death is others’ opinion about you. For them, in the end will be the word because the message of the master has to be contained in a word or in words.

So don’t think that words are not powerful. Ordinary, mundane words have no power; they have only utility. But when the enlightened man speaks, the word has no utility; it has simply a tremendous power to transform your heart.

So when I say, “Spread the word,” I mean whatever I have been telling you, go on telling others in as many ways as possible. Use all the news media; use everything that technology has provided, so that the word reaches to every nook and corner of the earth. And remember, it is far more powerful than any nuclear weapons because nuclear weapons can only bring death - that is not power. But the word which has come from an enlightened consciousness can bring new life to you; it can give you a rebirth, resurrection - that is power.

Destroying anything, any idiot can do. Creating needs intelligence.

I will be leaving words of immense potentiality for you. If you can simply go on whispering them, you will be surprised that they can change the whole human heart.

If the word has come from the awakened consciousness, as it reaches within you it becomes sound - because meaning is of the mind. Deeper than mind is no-meaning, just sound. But there is still a depth where sound disappears into silence. The true word, the authentic word, always creates silence in you. That is the criterion of its power - that it is not empty; it contains sound, the sound contains silence, and silence is the nature of existence.

You are asking the question, “Will it be enough just to spread the word?” What do you want - to make bombs? Become terrorists? Kill people? What else do you want? No, there is nothing else.

The awakened people down the ages have not seen anything more powerful than the word. It is just a question of spreading it, and spreading it not like a parrot, not like a gramophone record, but spreading it as a representative of it. Whatever you say, you should be; only then can your saying have power.

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