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Chapter 13: Tomorrow Never Comes

Philosophy is for luxurious moments when you can ask questions and get answers and go on postponing. But when there is danger you put aside all philosophy. Have you observed, whenever you are in danger you put aside your mind? You don’t think at all, there is not enough time to think: the house is on fire, you jump! And when you are out, then you can sit under a tree and think again about what has happened. But in the moment when danger is there, when death is there, time is no more. You simply have to act, there is no gap to think; you have to act, only action can save you.

Time is postponement, and you would like to postpone for millions of reasons. One is, many things are yet unfulfilled, you have not tasted this world. You have been in this world millions of times, you have tasted it in millions of ways, but still the hunger remains, the thirst is there. Not because there was not enough time: for the whole past you have been here. And the whole past means eternity, it is beginningless; since eternity you have been here, acting in millions of ways, fulfilling millions of desires, and yet you are still hungry and thirsty. You think more time is needed? You have had already more than enough! Not more time, but understanding, awareness is needed that the very nature of desire is to remain unfulfilled.

Whatsoever time is given, even many eternities, the desire will remain unfulfilled. It is the very nature of desire that it remains unfulfilled. It will arise again and again, and the more you try to fulfill it, the more it will arise; you are simply feeding the desire when you think you are fulfilling it. You move into sex, you think you are fulfilling it; you are simply feeding the desire. Tomorrow it will come back even more greedy, even more full of lust, with even more expectations. You feed it again, tomorrow it will knock at your door again with more madness, with more hope, and every day it will grow. And as you experience it, you feel more and more hungry. You are feeding it, the fulfillment is not there.

And this is so with every desire. Look at ordinary desires, very ordinary ones: you take food, the hunger disappears, but it disappears only to come back again. Can hunger disappear forever through food? Is there any possibility that just by taking food, hunger will disappear forever? You are thirsty, you drink water; do you think the thirst is going to disappear forever? No, that is not the nature of desire. And these are ordinary desires that you can understand. They are repetitive, and the more you repeat, the more you are hypnotized, because repetition is hypnosis: you did it yesterday, you are doing it today, you are hoping to do it tomorrow; you are repeating the desire. And the more you repeat it, the more you get into it.

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