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Chapter 9: No Words, No Mind, and You Are In

Hogen is certainly a Himalayan height in consciousness. As far as age is concerned he is only a child, but his mental age is nearabout Socrates’ - seventy. He said, very innocently, “I don’t know.”

And it needs a man like Jizo, a great master, to understand such a statement. Otherwise you will think, “What is there in it? He is simply ignorant.”

But Jizo could see in the eyes of Hogen that his statement, “I don’t know,” is not an expression of ignorance, but an expression of immense awareness: I don’t know.

That’s why Jizo says, “Don’t know, at this age.” It is the most intimate thing in the world because it opens the doors of wonder and the doors of the mysteries. The day you drop all your knowledge, you become unburdened. You can fly, you lose all weight.

All religions teach doctrines; Zen simply points to the one who is hiding inside you. There is no other scripture and there is no other God and there is nothing else to learn. First be and explore your inner consciousness, and you will find all the treasures that even Alexander the Great could not find by conquering the world.

Conquer yourself, and in conquering yourself is the greatest victory, the most precious experience - because now you know your eternity, beginningless. Now you know death is a lie, it never happens. Only the consciousness moves from one house into another house. It is a change of house, but the one who changes house is invisible.

Jizo loved the small boy when he said, “I don’t know.”

The two sat together by the fire, talking of a treatise on Buddhism, and when they got to a sentence that read, “Heaven and I are of the same root,” Jizo asked, “Are mountains and rivers and the great earth different from me or the same?”
Shinzan, who was with them, replied, “The same.”

In our innermost core we are joined with the stars. The whole existence is one organic whole; we are just dewdrops in this vast ocean.

Jizo held up two fingers.

The boy Hogen is a great genius. Jizo has recognized his search and his authenticity. He.

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