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Chapter 2: From Delusion toward Truth

“Another said: “Hide in the Pacific Ocean.”

God said: “But very soon the scientists will probe the five mile depth of the Pacific.”

Some others suggested the moon and the stars. God said: “You do not know. Man will acquire means to reach there too. All these places are vulnerable.”

Then an old devata whispered in his ears: “Hide within man’s own being, for he will never go there.”

And he accepted his advice and withdrew into man’s heart; and it is a fact that man never goes there. With the exception of his heart, man explores all avenues, but his steps never lead him to the realm within him. Perhaps we are completely oblivious of this path within; perhaps we do not know of the door within; perhaps we are unaware that within also there is something, and missing which, we fail to reach the truth.

If someone asks: “Where is the temple of truth? Where does truth abide?” There is only one answer: “That which is the ‘innerness’ the ‘being within,’ is the temple of truth, its abode, its haven.” We plant a seed in the ground; it sprouts into leaves and branches and becomes a big tree. Have you ever thought that this big tree, under which so many people rest.from where has it come? Where is its being? Is it in the little seed from which it started? Break the seed - there is no sign of the tree, but it is very much there, hidden in the being of the seed. This vast expanse of the world - this too is hidden in the seed of this “being within” and it grows and spreads all around from there. We too are hidden within ourselves, in the folds of the seed of our being. From there, we appear, expand, then shrink and fade away.

All motion of life is from within to without. All things grow from within and spread without - the expansion is always outside. The reverse never happens: nothing goes within from without. And our attention is only drawn toward this - our being, our soul - when we are completely relieved of the outside world. When the eye is freed of the world outside, then only is it free to look within.

It is natural then, that as long as we project our vision on the objects outside, we are unable to see within. A wandering eye cannot delve within. We are habituated to see the outside, for we think that whatever is obtained is from the outside. All our attachments are outward oriented and hence this illusion. We can only start to look within when it becomes clear to us that no one has ever attained anything from outside. Those who have looked without have looked in vain; they have labored in vain for they have reached nowhere.

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