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Chapter 8: Let My Name Be Traveler

Emyo laughed and said, “a thief has broken down my door!” - and this was the beauty of those old days - and the master bowed down to this miracle; that Myoshu has understood the meaning of ‘being here’ and has also understood that there is no entry, no door.

Thereafter, Myoshu served as Emyo’s personal attendant, going deeper into the mystery every day.
Late in life Myoshu began to teach, and before long his fame spread far and wide, and there were never less than a thousand people surrounding his teaching seat.
One day, when he had a slight illness he beat the drum to call the community. When everyone had assembled, the master said, “My teaching is come to an end, I am making a bequest to you.” Then he raised his staff, shouted once and died standing.

A man who understands life automatically understands death. A man who lives life to its totality knows the moment when death knocks on the door, he is always prepared for the new journey.

Having his staff in his hand, standing, he died. Perhaps he is the only one who has died that way, signifying that he is going on another journey.

Basho wrote:

Let my name
be traveler;
first rains.

The first rains have come. Forget my name because all our names are nothing but writings on the sand. The first rains have come and the names will disappear.

Basho says, “Let my name just be traveler.” More than that is getting identified with the vehicle on which you are traveling. You may be in a car, you may be in a bullock cart, you may be in a bus, a train or an airplane. It does not matter what the vehicle is - you are the traveler. A thousand times you have changed at many junctions. In many forms you have appeared in the world - sometimes as a tree and sometimes as a rose bush and sometimes as an eagle.

The Eastern clarity arising out of enlightenment does not believe in evolution in the sense that it is understood by Charles Darwin; it gives equality to all that is living in existence. You are not superior to the rose bush. But there are idiots, like the Shankaracharya of Puri, who think that brahmins are superior. It is not only a question of humanity, who is superior and who is inferior.

Just the other day I received a letter from another idiot. I attract idiots. They never come here but at least they go on writing letters; they do not dare to come here. He has written to me.he is a swami of the old Hindu tradition. He belongs to the same temple as the Shankaracharya of Puri, and used to be his secretary; he is very well-educated, is a postgraduate and has a DLitt, but it makes no difference.

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