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Chapter 4: From Sex to Superconsciousness

At the first house Nasruddin presented his friend. “This is my old companion, Jalal. But the robe he is wearing, that is mine!”

On their way to the next village, Jalal said, “What a stupid thing to say! ‘The robe is mine.’ Indeed! Don’t do it again.”

Nasruddin promised.

When they were comfortably seated at the next house, Nasruddin said, “This is Jalal, an old friend, come to visit me. But the robe - the robe is his!”

As they left, Jalal was just as annoyed as before. “Why did you say that? Are you crazy?”

“I only wanted to make amends. Now we are quits.”

“If you do not mind,” said Jalal, slowly and carefully, “we shall not say any more about the robe.” Nasruddin promised.

At the third and final place of call, Nasruddin slid, “May I present Jalal, my friend. And the robe, the robe he is wearing.. But we must not say anything about the robe, must we?”

Once you are trying to repress a thought, it comes up again and again and again. Morarji Desai is not only obsessed with sex in this life, he will remain obsessed even in coming lives. His whole approach is unscientific, unnatural. He has not been able to understand what he is doing. He has not been able to see that, how can sex be indecent? Certainly he is not born out of a virgin mother. Certainly his children are born out of his sexual relationship with his wife. But because of his obsession he has even been very hard with his children.

One of his daughters committed suicide, and it is just because of his obsessively puritan mind. He has been hard upon himself and hard upon his children too.

The person who is obsessed with something unnatural is perverted. And through this obsession he has lost all intelligence. Intelligence grows out of being natural. Intelligence is a shadow of being natural and spontaneous. The perverted person is bound to become stupid because he is constantly fighting within himself. His whole energy becomes a kind of civil war. The person who is fighting nature is indecent, and the total outcome is stupidity.

I don’t see any indecency in sex, because this is how God has chosen to create life. Sex is his method. Just as a painter paints with his brush, God has been creating this existence with sexual energy. To deny sex, to condemn sex, is to condemn God. If you call sex indecent you are calling God indecent because this whole existence is nothing but an expression of sexual energy.

These birds chirping, singing, do you think they are praising Prime Minister Morarji Desai? This is sexual expression. The whole poetry of a life consists of sexual energy. The whole beauty.. What is beauty? The very feeling that something is beautiful comes out of sexual energy.

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