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Chapter 19: Hell Hath No Fury like a Christian Scorned

Today, I overheard two Bible-bashing a Christians in heated debate with two sannyasins. I heard and felt from the Christians anger, narrow-mindedness, an acute inability to listen, and an utter lack of humor. What did Jesus do to deserve such followers?

It is an absolute necessity to be retarded if you want to be a Christian.

Any religion, any ideology, that is based only on belief, faith, is bound to cripple your intelligence.

A belief system is nothing but poison to your capacity to understand.

Good words are used to hide ugly things.

These Bible-bashing Christians are not doing anything unexpected. For two thousand years they have been doing the same thing. They are full of anger if you are not ready to follow them; they are full of love if you are ready to follow them. Their love is conditional, and any love that is conditional carries with it hate, anger, cruelty - everything that is against love. They give you the choice: either you follow them, or you will have to be a victim of their anger, hatred, cruelty.

Right now they can only be angry, but in the past they have killed millions of people, burned people alive. This anger is nothing. Now it is difficult for them to show their real face totally, but still something of it comes out even though they try to hide it. You cannot hide a few things; for example, you cannot hide your love. You cannot hide your anger either.

Christians are absolutely unable to listen to anything that goes against them. That’s why I say retardedness is a categorical necessity.

Only the open mind can be ready to listen to something that goes against it.

The closed mind can listen only to that which supports it.

The closed mind has only one dimension open, that is: everything that supports it is allowed in, welcomed in. All other dimensions are kept closed because there is fear. Things may enter you which may shake up your belief system, disturb your so-called peace of mind; they may sabotage your faith. No person who is a believer can afford to be open. You can be open to all kinds of thoughts, because I am not giving you any belief system.

I am simply helping you to open up in all the dimensions, even if you feel that they are going against your ideas that you have held up to now. Even then, in fact more so, you will be available to them because this is a chance, an opportunity, to judge whether whatsoever you have been thinking is right or not. It is a golden moment when you are encountered by something contrary to your ideas, thoughts, which up to now you have been thinking are rational. But if they are really rational then what is the fear?

It is fear that keeps these people closed.

They can’t hear you - they are afraid to hear.

And their anger is really their fear upside down.

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