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Chapter 2: In the Arms of the Moon

So take immediate action: whenever mind is trying to give you a substitute, don’t listen to it. It is a great salesman, a great seducer. It convinces you and it says, “These things are very cheap. Faith is very difficult to find because you will have to risk your life; belief is very easy, very cheap - you can get it for nothing.”

In fact, so many people are ready - if you accept their belief they are ready to give you something more with it. Become a Christian, become a Hindu, become a Mohammedan - people are ready to give you a great welcome and respect, respectability. Everything is available - just accept their belief. Belief is not only cheap, it can even bring many more things with it.

Faith is dangerous, never cheap. You will have to put your whole life at stake. It needs courage, but only a courageous person can be religious.

Enough for today.