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Chapter 10: Please Wake Up

No, don’t cling to any belief. Drop all belief. Remain in that vacuum of no belief, either in God or in no God. No belief - Christian, Hindu, Mohammedan, theistic, atheistic; no belief - then who can confuse you? How can you be confused? Somebody brings some news; you will say, “Thank you. I will ponder over it, I will meditate over it. I don’t believe in anything, so there is no question of getting confused.”

If confusion is used totally, your beliefs will disappear; it will clear the whole ground. And in that state of no belief, confusion becomes impossible. When confusion becomes impossible there arises a clarity, and that clarity is not of belief, not of scripture, not of belonging to a church, not of comfort, not of convenience, not produced by anybody. It is your own transparency of awareness. And through that clarity is truth.

You say, “I am totally confused.” Sorry, I cannot agree with you. In fact, you are asking me to give you something so that you can drop your confusion and can become certain again.

No, I am not your enemy; I will not give you any belief. I am ready to give myself, but I will not give you any belief. I am ready for you to partake of my own experience, I am ready to share my being, but I will not give you any belief. I will not make you comfortable because this will be death. Your home has not yet arrived, and somebody makes you comfortable by the side of the road and gives you a tranquilizer, and you are dreaming, sleeping, and thinking this is your home and everything is beautiful - no, I am not going to do that to you. That’s what your priests and popes have been doing up to now.

I am going to shake you and shock you out of your tranquility, out of your certainty. I am to create a stir in you. I will come like a cyclone. I am to destroy your mind utterly. Only if you are ready for that destruction will creativity be born to you.

You say, “You tell us the paths are of will and surrender. The path of will is certainly not for me.” How do you know? How have you become so certain that the path of will is not for you? Try first, be experimental. One learns through trial and error, and there is no other way. Don’t be a priori: don’t say from the very beginning, “This is not for me, and I am certain,” otherwise you will again be confused. Some day you will find somebody who has attained through the path of will, and you will see the flowering and the fragrance of the person, and you will start feeling, “Maybe the path of will is for me too. This man has achieved.” Your greed will arise. You will again be confused.

This is the way you create the possibility for confusion. Don’t say, “The path of will is certainly not for me” - because you have not tried yet. Try it. If you try the path of will nothing is going to be wrong. If you succeed, good; if you don’t succeed, that too is good. Then you have known at least one thing: that this is not for you. That too is a great achievement: to know, “This door is not for me.” Otherwise sometimes one goes on knocking on a wrong door.

Once a man came to me and he said, “Osho, a dream constantly recurs, and it has become nightmarish, and I have come to you to help me out of this problem.”

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