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Chapter 5: Trust Is Natural to Man

Jesus is not a philosopher teaching some dogma to people. He is a physician, not a philosopher. He is trying to teach trust, and if trust happens everything becomes possible. He goes on saying: “If you have faith, faith can move mountains.” It may not be the mountains that exist outside, but the mountains of ignorance, the mountains of ugliness, the mountains of unconsciousness that exist within. He does not have a creed, a dogma. He is, rather, releasing a healing force through himself. His whole effort is to help you to return to God. That’s why he said, “Don’t be thankful towards me. Thank God.”

Then too, he says, “Your faith has healed you.” Not even God can help to heal you - your faith. His insistence is on faith. And remember the distinction between belief and faith: belief is in an idea; faith is in total reality, faith is a reverence for the whole. Belief is of the mind; faith is of your totality.

When you believe in God, you believe in a God of philosophers. When you believe in God, God is an idea, a doctrine. It can be proved or disproved and it will not transform you. But if you have faith, it has already transformed you. I will not say that it will transform you. If you have faith, it has already transformed you. Faith knows no future, it is immediately effective. But faith is not of the head. When you have faith, you have faith in your blood, in your bones, in your marrow, in your heart. In your whole being, you have faith. A man of faith is a man of God.

Jesus’ whole effort is how to bring you back home. Yes, God is shouting through him: “Enthrone me!” If you have faith you will become available and God will be enthroned in you. That is the only way of being blissful. Unless God is enthroned in you, you will remain a beggar, you will remain poor, you will remain ill. You will never be whole and healthy, and you will never know the ecstasy of existence. You will never be able to dance and laugh and sing and just be.only if God is enthroned in you - that means if you are dethroned and God is enthroned.

So there is this choice, the greatest choice that man ever encounters: either to continue on the throne yourself .or dethrone yourself and let God come in.

Enough for today.