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Chapter 11: The Song of Life

When I say be indifferent, I mean: don’t do anything about it, just be indifferent. Don’t say “This is bad.” Don’t ask “How can I stop it?” Don’t try to stop it; you cannot. Allow it to flow - just as if clouds are floating in the sky and you are watching them. Or, just as if traffic is going by in the street and you are watching. Just stand aside and watch the traffic moving, or stand on the bank and look at the river flowing. Don’t do anything; just stand there indifferent, not interested, not involved in any way.

If you can do this, this is what witnessing is. If you can do this, by and by you will penetrate deeper and deeper. Don’t be disheartened because ultimately, finally, a deep musical source, a deep harmony, a deep rhythmic existence is waiting within you. Penetrate this crowd and you will reach it.

At the very base of your nature you will find faith, hope, and love. He that chooses evil refuses to look within himself, shuts his ears to the melody of his heart, as he blinds his eyes to the light of his soul. He does this because he finds it easier to live in desires. But underneath all life is the strong current that cannot be checked; the great waters are there in reality. Find them.

At the very base of your nature you will find faith, hope, and love - these three things. If you can make contact with your inner music, these three things will flower spontaneously within you: faith, hope and love. But these words have very different meanings. They don’t mean the ordinary things we mean by them.

When we say faith, what we mean is belief. Belief is not faith. Belief means a forced thing. Doubt is there, hidden, but you have wrapped yourself in a belief and pushed the doubt within.

For example, you say “I believe in God.” What do you mean? Is there really no doubt? There is doubt. Belief cannot cancel doubt, belief can only hide it. Really, you believe because of the doubt. You are afraid of the doubt. If you don’t believe, if you are doubtful, you will feel inconvenienced. Belief gives you convenience, comfort, solace, consolation. You feel at ease. But the belief is just a mental, intellectual facade. Behind it, doubt is always lurking.

You will find doubt hidden within every belief. If you say “I believe strongly,” that means you have very strong doubts behind it. Those who say “We believe absolutely,” have absolute doubts within them. What is the need of belief? - the need is because there is doubt and you feel inconvenienced by it.

That’s why so many people are theists and so few are atheists. But in reality, the world is full of atheists, and to find a theist is very difficult - it is impossible. The whole thing is just false. People say that they believe in God, because it seems difficult not to believe, inconvenient. Socially, formally, it is good to believe.

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