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Chapter 32: Freedom Brings Its Own Responsibilities

It was a risk. And we have come out of it without losing anything. On the contrary, we have learned much.

Was it even a lesson for you?

No, not for me. I have learned everything that could be learned. For me now there is nothing to be learned.

Could you elaborate a little on how they planned to kill you, how they planned to assassinate you?

First, they were afraid that I may start speaking again. It is understandable, because my teaching is never to believe. Doubt is the basis of my philosophy. Go on doubting until you come to a reality which is indubitable. And then the question of belief does not arise. You know.

So I say either you know or you do not; there is no third category. A believer is one who knows not and yet pretends that he knows.

May I interrupt you? Because I would like to know whether you see now the sannyasins being all the time more believers than the people who doubted?

My s.

.what you tried to teach them?

Just wait. Let me finish my first.

Excuse me.

.thing. Otherwise you will never end and you won’t get any answer clearly.


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