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Chapter 5: The “Master of Silence”

If society doesn’t give you a belief, there is a fear - you may become rebellious. In fact it is certain that if the belief is not given, you will become rebellious, and society doesn’t want that, can’t afford that. Society, before you become aware, gives you deep beliefs. Into your blood it goes - with the milk of your mother the poison of belief seeps into your being. By the time you become aware of what has happened you find you are already a Hindu, or a Mohammedan. or a Christian. The straitjacket is already there: you are imprisoned.

And it is very difficult to get out of it because it gets into your unconscious, it becomes your very foundation. Even if you get out of it, even if you go against it, it will remain in the foundation, because to cleanse the unconscious is very difficult. Consciously you can’t do it.

I have heard, it happened that Mulla Nasruddin became an atheist. And he was dying, so the priest came. The priest said: Mulla, now this is the last moment and the last opportunity. Still there is time left, you confess your sin and you confess that you went wrong by becoming an atheist. Become a theist and die believing in God.

Mulla Nasruddin opened his eyes and said: Thank God I am not a theist.

Even if you are not a theist, you will thank God. Deep down it remains in the unconscious, it becomes a foundation. Whatsoever you have learned in your childhood before the age of seven, has become your foundation. To uproot it, very great effort and meditation is needed. You will have to move back, only then can it be wiped out. You can create anti-beliefs, they won’t help, they cannot help. You can become a theist. You can be a Hindu in your childhood, then you can be converted to a Christian, but you will remain a Hindu - your Christianity will be colored by your Hinduism. You may become a communist, but, deep down, the unconscious is there and it will color your communism. A deep meditation is needed to cleanse the unconscious.

Trust is totally different. Trust is not in words, in scriptures. Trust is towards life - the very energy that moves the whole. You trust it and you float with it. If it takes you down in the whirl, you go down in the whirl. If it takes you out in the swirl, you come out in the swirl. You move with it, you don’t have your own mind about it. If it makes you sad, you become sad. If it makes you happy, you become happy. You simply move with it, with no mind of your own, and suddenly, you come to realize that now you have achieved a point where bliss is going to be eternal. In your sadness also you will be blissful, because it is none of your business. The whole is doing it that way and you are moving with it. Happiness - okay. Sadness - okay. You simply “okay.” Everything is okayed. This is what a religious man is: he has no mind of his own. Belief has a very strong mind of its own.

It is said about a great saint, Tulsidas, that he was invited into a Krishna temple in Mathura, and he was a believer in Ram. He went there, but he would not bow down, because the statue was of Krishna with a flute on his lips. It is said that he said to Krishna: I can bow down only to Ram, so, if you want me to bow down, you take the bow of Ram in your hand. When I see that you have become Ram, only then will I bow down.

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