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Chapter 3: Cutting off the Root

I had to laugh even though he was crying, I said, “Start again? Then you will be getting trapped into another illusion. What do you mean by starting again?” He said, “My old beliefs are destroyed; now give me new beliefs. That’s what I mean.”

People go on changing beliefs, but that never brings a radical revolution; it cannot bring. A Hindu can become a Mohammedan - nothing changes; you have just changed your dream. A Christian becomes a Buddhist - nothing changes; deep down everything remains the same. Unless you drop believing nothing is going to change, because belief is a deception. Belief means that you don’t know and yet you think you know. And the less you know, the more stubbornly you believe - naturally, you have to complement it. The less you know, the more arrogant, the more dogmatic, the more violent you are in your belief - ready to fight, kill and be killed, because you are afraid. If somebody brings light to you, and you come to see that your belief is just a belief and nothing else, then all that you have invested in it has gone down the drain, then your life has been a stupid life. The life of a believer is a stupid life, it is unintelligent.

Robert Browning is right. He says “whate’er you may believe.” Your beliefs cannot make any change. Truth is as it is. Truth is not an object; you cannot believe in it, you cannot worship it, you cannot pray to it. Truth is your hidden reality. You are part of it, it is part of you. There is no separation between you and truth. And the first door to be opened has to open within you, then all the doors open.

I am not saying that truth is not there, without, but once it is known within, then you will know it without. There is no other way. Once you have seen it within yourself, then you will see it in a tree, in a mountain, in a star - in everything - because now you have tasted the center; now the center is everywhere. Now you have known the inside of things. Truth is the inside of things.

But the first approach, the first acquaintance, has to happen within you because that inside which exists within you, is closest inside. How can you penetrate into the inside of a tree? It is very, very far away. You have not even penetrated your own inside - where you already are.

It happened:

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