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Chapter 8: Seek, and You Will Miss

All your arduous efforts end in futility because you have not seen rightly what you are trying to kill and whether it will die. There is no relation between the two. All your asceticism will do harm, but it will not cure anything.

My whole emphasis is on meditation. What is the meaning of meditation? Meditation simply means to make the mind so empty and silent that whatever you see your mind should not add anything to it. If you see a roseflower then you only see the roseflower. Your mind should not be able to say, “It is very beautiful, how lovely it is” or, “This is nothing, I have seen many more beautiful flowers than this.” Your mind should not be saying anything. It should make no comment. When your mind does not make any comment, then it is meditation. Then your mind is a clear mirror. Then you see that which is.

Now you see that which is not - what your mind is projecting, what your mind is adding to the existence. Now you see your beliefs; your beliefs are also illusion. Everywhere you see only that which you are capable of seeing. When you look with awareness then these things will be different.

Suppose you are walking along a road and a man abuses you. Right now you feel that when a person abuses you he is an evil person, he is bad, he should be punished. But some day you will look with awareness and then when it happens again perhaps you will know that this man is speaking the truth. “What he is saying about me is a true description, it is not abuse. He has called me a thief - I am a thief.” You may bow down and touch his feet, “It is my great fortune that we have met. You have stated a fact - I am a thief. You have awakened me, you have made me aware. I thank you. And please, always be so kind with me. Whenever you notice something in me please tell me.”

One who exposes your faults is a friend, one who ignores your faults is your enemy. But right now your definition is different: you call someone a friend when he hides your faults, you call someone the enemy who exposes your faults. But in a state of meditation, things change.

Kabir has said:

Keep a critic near you.
Make a hut for him in your courtyard.

Whenever you find someone who abuses you, whenever you find someone who criticizes you, then invite him to your home and tell him, “Now, don’t go anywhere else. Stay near me. I will make a hut for you in my courtyard, I will make arrangements for your stay. Because if you stay far away and we only meet sometimes, then I don’t know how many mistakes you may miss. Stay near me and watch me, and whenever you see something wrong in me then say it wholeheartedly, don’t hide anything. Don’t think about good manners and being civil. Be hard and say it clearly because without you I may go astray.” Keep a critic near you: this is a fact that is seen with awareness.

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