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Chapter 3: I Teach the Commune

The first question:

The pope is on about sex again!
At a recent national convention of Christian family advisors in Italy he condemned pre-marital and extra-marital relations. As well as contraception and abortion.
The future of the world and of the church lies in the family, he said. What do you say?

The most outdated thing is the family. It has done its work, it is no more needed. In fact, now it is the most hindering phenomenon for human progress. The family is the unit of the nations, of the state, of the church - of all that is ugly.

The Pope is right in a way - that there is no future for the church if the family disappears - because without the family and its conditioning, from where are you going to get Christians, Hindus, Mohammedans?

That’s why I say the family has to disappear. Without the disappearance of the family all these ugly monsters will continue. The family is the root cause of all our neurosis. We have to understand the psychological structure of the family, what it does to human consciousness.

The first thing is: it conditions the child to a certain religious ideology, political dogma, some philosophy, some theology. And the child is so innocent and so accepting, so vulnerable that he can be exploited. He cannot yet say no, he has no idea of saying no, and even if he could say no he would not say it because he is utterly dependent on the family, absolutely dependent. He is so helpless that he has to agree with the family, with whatever nonsense the family wants him to agree.

The family does not help the child to inquire; it gives beliefs and beliefs are poisons. Once the child becomes burdened with beliefs his inquiry is crippled, paralyzed, his wings are cut. By the time he is able to inquire he will be so conditioned that he will move into every investigation with a certain prejudice - and with a prejudice your inquiry is not authentic. You are already carrying an a priori conclusion; you are simply looking for proofs to support your unconscious conclusion. You become incapable of discovering the truth.

That’s why there are so few buddhas in the world: the root cause is the family. Otherwise every child is born buddha, comes with the potential to reach the ultimate consciousness, to discover the truth, to live a life of bliss. But the family destroys all these dimensions; it makes him utterly flat.

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