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Chapter 5: Rebellion as Religion

And the bishop says that his faith in God is enough. No, it will not be enough. His faith was based on those beliefs that he has now criticized. Soon, his faith will be gone. He has taken away the foundation of the house; the house will fall soon.

But just look at these religious people.. Because he was honest and said what he felt, he was expelled, thrown out; he is no longer a bishop, now he has become a joker. Just the day before he was a bishop; now he is a joker. Just see how people change. They don’t want you to be honest. If he had continued to say what he had been saying, and kept all that he has said to himself, he would have remained a bishop. Perhaps one day he would have become the pope. They are all carrying the same nonsense. Now, the chancellor who has thrown him out of the bishopric, he will also be carrying the same thing. But people are not honest. They don’t open their hearts. And that should be the basic quality of a religious man.